Saving lives through science and innovation

Bridging the gap between research and patient care, MICC has been at the forefront of hundreds of the newest treatment options available today. Our research department, in collaboration with our investigating physicians, conducts clinical trials as part of our mission to advance cardiovascular health both for our patients and for the global community.

From evaluating promising new drug therapies for patients with diabetes or osteoarthritis, to finding new solutions to managing heart failure, we deliver life-changing results by:

markedly improving patient outcomes and survival rates

offering access to breakthrough drugs and devices

and increased quality of life

Leading the way in cardiovascular medicine

MICC physicians explore and develop exciting new treatments and technologies in the field of cardiac medicine. Many of the trials at MICC examine the use of new medications. For example, we were investigators of a new drug called Angiomax® which is quickly replacing heparin during angioplasties. This drug is now being widely used because it reduces bleeding and toxicity levels in the patient as compared to heparin.

We are also investigators for the FDA approved study called VEST-PREDICTS intended to determine whether implanting defibrillators in patients sooner than the customary period will save lives.