MICC’s flagship office is located within the Biscayne Medical Plaza. This 45,000 square foot facility houses a unique variety of medical as well as Health and Wellness services. In addition to luxury waiting areas, free valet parking and private interactive patient rooms and doctor offices, the building will soon be home to Pasha’s Healthy Mediterranean Restaurant.

The Biscayne Medical Plaza is the only facility of its kind in the region and, the unique blend of integrated medical services offers patients the freedom and convenience of a one-stop-shop housing the following:

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics, the nation's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services has joined our facility. This convenient location will drastically reduce patients’ wait times because tests will be performed on site. The laboratory staff will rapidly provide results for stat lab tests and an array of other laboratory studies.

Biscayne Imaging Center

With $10 million of diagnostic equipment, including the latest in scanning and ultrasound technology, the medical staff of Biscayne Imaging Center is better able to diagnose life-threatening diseases with greater accuracy and speed. The center includes state-of-the-art equipment not found in a private medical facility other than a hospital. Specific equipment and services offered include: 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, 64‐Slice Multi‐Detector Spiral Computerized Tomographic (CT) Scanner, Positron Emission Tomographic (PET) Scan, Ultrasound, and fully digital X-ray.

Miami International Cardiology Consultants (MICC)

MICC offers a variety of specialized, heart-related medical services using highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment, laboratory testing and multi-modality imaging. MICC expertly manages cardiac patients and performs nuclear cardiology, peripheral vascular studies, stress tests, echocardiograms and Holter Monitoring. For international members and those who travel frequently, MICC offers remote cardiac monitoring services.