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Richard Elias, MD

Internal Medicine

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Miami-Dade Cardiology Consultants, LLC

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About Richard Elias

Dr. Richard Elias is an internist with a specialty in cardiovascular disease. Dr. Elias joined MICC in 2005. Dr. Elias has been chairman of the Florida Heart Research Institute, formerly known as the Miami Heart Institute for 35 years.

Under Dr. Elias' leadership, Miami Heart physicians were among the first to treat vascular disease with aspirin and to perform double internal mammary implant bypass surgery. They pioneered the use of nitroglycerin in acute heart attacks and the use of nitroglycerine ointment in the treatment of angina. Dr. Elias was one of the first preventive cardiologists in America and among the first to use massive doses of nicotinic acid to reverse and stop the progression of hardening of the arteries at a time when it was essentially the only drug available.

In addition to his work in the area of preventive medicine, Dr. Elias has served as the President of the American Heart Association Florida Division and President of the American College of Physicians of Florida. He has been awarded the American Heart Association Medallion for Meritorious Service and the Silver Shovel and Humanitarian Award at Miami Heart Institute.

Dr. Elias is a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University where he was also President of his class and of the Physicians and Surgeons Club of New York. He then spent the next several years at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. In 1962 he was invited to become a clinical professor of Cardiology at the University of Miami which he is to this date, in conjunction with his private practice and work for the Florida Heart Research Institute.

Dr. Elias has donated of his time to various philanthropic causes. He is a Director Emeriti of the Florida Grand Opera, after serving on its Board and fundraising for the opera for over thirty years. He is a past Board Chair and current member of the Board of the National Visiting Council of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He was recently inducted into the Alexander Hamilton Society of Columbia University, its highest award.

Dr. Elias was awarded Lebanon's highest award in 1974 along with Danny Thomas, Ralph Nader and Dr. Michael DeBakey. In 2007 Dr. Elias was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


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Internal Medicine

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